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Topics I plan to do for 2017

There are a lot of topics that I’m into. So what’s I’m going to write early next year ? This !

Future in Python

Using async stuff with the latest version of Python can be painful at start. I will make it easy by avoiding some mistakes.

keras vs tensorflow

If you are interested in the trendy “Deep Learning”, you probably ask yourself “What library/framework should I use ?”. I will compare two of them.


Bash is powerful, but it’s getting old. Why not use a more friendly shell ? Xonsh is a shell written in Python that allow you to do python in your terminal.


I used to play with raw socket in C, but it’s take a lot of time and knowledge to do simple things. Scapy let’s you play with your network (or neighborer's) at some levels. It’s written in python, so you try it pretty quickly!


If you know Hadoop, you should know Spark. It’s solve the same range of problems and ever more. I will definitively make you fall in love of Spark!

Natural Language Processing

I do a lot of NLP in my daily basis, I will give you some feedbacks and tips.

I hope I will make good articles I’m neither good writer nor well-speaking in English. I will improve myself on the fly ;-)

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I’ve been programming since 2004 and I got my master degree in software engineering in 2015. I worked as a research assistant at “He-arc Ingénierie” until 2018. I'm now working as a Research and Development Engineer at Idiap. With my work, I have the opportunity to play with some cutting edge technologies, like Tensorflow, Keras and Spark.