I talk about cool technologies I play with


Hello from Switzerland 😁

About me 🧔🏼

I’ve been programming since 2004 and I got my master degree in software engineering in 2015. I worked as a research assistant at “He-arc Ingénierie” until 2018. I'm now working as a Research and Development Engineer at Idiap. With my work, I have the opportunity to play with some cutting edge technologies, like Pytorch, Tensorflow and Spark.

My skills

  • ✔️ Machine learning
  • ✔️ Python
  • ✔️ Databases (both SQL and noSQL)
  • ✔️ Tools (git, bash, Gnu/Linux, Docker, Docker-compose, ssh, gRPC)
  • ✔️ Others (Distributed computing, Optimization, Back-end)
  • ❌ Apple things (No, I will not make an iOS app)
  • ❌ Javascript (I rather use WASM than touching JS code)

I'm currently toying with Rust for my new projects, and I really like this language.

🔧 Ongoing projects:

noabspath Detect hard-coded absolute paths in your codebases. I created this project because I work with people who like to write absolute paths everywhere and unfortunately they rarely ship their computer with their code. This project is written in Rust.

📋 Works projects:


The main goal of WeNet is to develop the culture, science and engineering methodologies, algorithms, social interaction protocols for an online platform that will empower machine mediated diversity-aware interactions between people.

⛔️ Old projects and/or student projects

All my other projects not mentionned before are trash, but I don't want to delete them. please don't explore my garbage.

💬 Contact

Feel free to contact me: William Droz william.droz.ch@gmail.com